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Making better decision with the power of data science.
The purpose of my portfolio is to showcase some of my coding projects and highlights.

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About Me

Together, we can make the world a better place!
I’m driven to constantly refine myself to be a better person.
- I am constantly learning because I’m a curious person and stay humble and hungry.
- I am result oriented and focus on making high-quality decisions that drive maximum impact.
- I am a team player, and helping the team win gives me greater joy.
- I am self-motivated and passionate about tech and creating businesses that build a better world.
- I enjoy meeting new people, hearing new perspectives, reading, writing, music, arts, and a lover of nature and astronomy.
Welcome to reach out if you want to talk about tech, data science, machine learning, AI, Web3.0, NFTs, climate change, writing, astronomy, and creating a business, or any topic!.


Twitter Sentiment

Using R and a Twitter Developer account, I’ve completed a sentiment analysis using Naive Bayes Classification to create models for marketing insights purposes.

  • Twitter
  • R

Text-Based Adventure Game

This game is a simple text-based game made solely with Python. I’ve used simple string manipulation, UDFs, variables, user inputs and input handling, conditional statements, and loops accordingly for a Python class taken in my Master’s degree.

  • Python

Machine Learning in Python

This project encompassing feature engineering, model preparation, variable selection, and model development. Include: Logistic Regression, Classification modeling, k-Nearest Neighbors Classifier, Categorical Naive Bayes model, PCA(Perform principal component analysis) and k-means clustering.

  • Machine Learning
  • Python

Project in SQL

This project shows how to build queries and insert results into tmp tables through a stored procedure to create the Profit and Loss (P&L) and Balance Sheet (B/S) statements..

  • SQL


I've worked with a range of skills in Business analysis, Data Science, and Food Science.

  • Business

    Experience in

  • Business analysis Data Science

    Experience with
    Machine Learning

  • Food Science

    Experience in
    Sensory evaluation of new and existing formulation
    Food inspection analysis

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Together, we make the world a better place